Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yay For Good Customer Service!

So I just had a wonderful customer service experience that I had to share. Earlier today, as I was out picking up my new glasses, I figured I would go ahead and grab some cleaning supplies and odds and ends that I needed at the new house. So, I picked up what I needed and grabbed a package of Oreo cookies as a surprise for the kiddo. Aly loves these as a treat, (and so does Mama to be honest) and doesn’t get them too often.

I brought them home, gave one to Aly after she ate lunch, and she wolfed down the cookie as usual and asked for another. Gave that to her, she gobbled it down, but didn’t get a third. That led to a tantrum, again, as usual. We just went about our day and later on, I decided to have an Oreo. I know I shouldn’t have it. It has soy in it. It’s not even remotely a healthy food. My butt is so jiggly right now that the last thing I need is an Oreo. But, dang, do I love them! LOVE them. So, I make bargains about them. One won’t hurt me. Right? One deliciously chocolate cookie bite is good for my SOUL.

So, I take the coveted cookie out of the package, smell its familiar scent. Take a bite, expecting the awesome to just explode in my mouth (On a side note: are y’all understanding why my butt is so jiggly now?)

Oh, goodness.


I did one of the few things that I thought I would never do just behind hitting my child and cheating on my husband.

I spat an OREO COOKIE into the TRASH CAN.

I searched the package to see if there was an expiration date because these cookies tasted seriously sale. Couldn’t find it. I hunted over this stupid package for ten minutes just wondering if maybe I had received the wrong prescription for my glasses. I could not find the expiration date, so I called the number on the back of the package. All I wanted to know was where the expiration date for the Oreos was so I could figure out if I just got a bad batch or what.

So, I called the Nabisco help line and discovered two things:

1.) Somehow, I ended up with a package of Oreos WITHOUT an expiration date. Which probably explains why they tasted like they were made in 1999.

2.) The folks at Nabisco are really freaking nice! They said they would send me a coupon for some free Oreos since I was unhappy with the bag I got. All I wanted to know was where the dang expiration date was!

So, needless to say, though I have never been particularly tempted to purchase the generic form of Oreos (this is one of the few cases where I do have brand loyalty) I will not be straying. The lady on the phone was very nice and even laughed at my rambling as I had to tell her the Saga of the Stale Oreo. Anyone who’ll listen to me babble wins points in my book.

So, now the big question is what do I do with a package of stale Oreos. I hate to throw them out, but these suckers won’t even soften in milk (I know. I tried). Any ideas?


  1. Toss them. They're not going to be good for anything if they're too stale to eat in milk.

    But yay for good customer service!

  2. That's what I ended up doing. They were just too gross.