Thursday, April 2, 2009

Busy body.

I actually feel like I accomplished something today. I managed to clean my wreck of a kitchen. It is amazing to me how dirty it can get in just a couple days. Ah, the joy of having a small kitchen. NOT. It was so clean it GLEAMED. I even mopped the floor. I hate mopping the floor. But I did it.

So what do I go and do once it is clean?

Mess it up all over again.

But, the mess is still manageable. I think I could make the kitchen gleam again with a half hour's work. To show for my sinkful of dirty dishes and cluttered counters, I have two dozen homemade brownie bites (actually, make that 23. The Kid-Kid and I shared one.), a loaf of homemade bread getting ready to go into the oven, a bag of shredded carrot for carrot cupcakes this weekend, a bag of diced carrot and diced celery for homemade chicken noodle soup this weekend, and a bag of celery sticks for a snack tomorrow.

And if I am feeling ambitious tomorrow after doing the laundry and cleaning the bathroom, I am thinking of making a couple of jars of homemade baby food (avocado and sweet potatoes, I think) and this savory muffin with feta cheese and basil that I found in parade magazine a couple weeks ago and I have been DYING to try.

Oh, and to make my accomplishments even bigger today, I managed to pull all of that even in the midst of two massive temper tantrums on the Kid-Kid's part. (I will take the blame for one of them because I waited a little bit too long to make lunch.)

No one ever warned me that the terrible twos start at 11 months old.

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